Aliens hack the Voyager 2 probe.

Many scientists believe that the Voyager 2 probe has been hacked by aliens after earth received an unidentifiable message from it.

In April 2010 Voyager 2 was just about to cross our solar systems boundary into deep space, when it started to send it’s data in a language NASA didnt understand.

Something or someone had changed the Voyager’s communication system. After testing the space craft, NASA engineers found that the entire space craft was working correctly, just the communication system was the problem.

After investigating the communications system in depth, NASA found the problem. One digit in the space crafts binary code has been changed from a one to a zero. This kind of computer interference is known to hackers as ‘bit flipping’.
Experts discussed the possibility of the hack coming from earth, but they agreed the distances involved would make it highly unlikely.

So was the source that changed the binary code extraterrestrial? 

UFO experts are now starting to believe it could be a direct response to the message Voyager carries.

When we launched Voyager 2 we included a record with images and sounds from earth. 

If an alien civilization has picked up our message, the way Voyager was altered would be an effective way of sending us a message.

Have we made first contact with an alien civilization through a computer message? The amount of time it has took NASA to release this information to the public definitely indicates they treated the incident with extreme confidentiality. 

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