Black Knight satelitte shot down by the illuminati.

The Black Knight satelitte has been a hot topic in the UFO community for decades. Has it been shot down by the illuminati?

Conspiracy theorists beleive the Black Knight satelitte was put into the earth’s orbit 13,000 years ago, to keep an eye on the human race.

The Black Knight satelitte

This controversial video leaked online this week is claimed to show the Black Knight satelitte being shot down.

You can see the huge fireball travelling through space with bits of it falling off. Then a smaller craft appears, which is claimed, is the aggressor equipped with an anti matter missile. After the destruction seems to come to an end, there is a perfectly round UFO which disappears into space. Some claim this is the aliens escape craft.

Alien escape pod?

The video uploader doesn’t seem highly reputable, so some scepticism is required.