Does ancient art prove aliens were present when Jesus was crucified?

Alien hunters who study ancient art are suggesting it could be a possibility. 

A fresco on the walls of the Svetitskhoveli Cathedral in Georgia, have caused massive debate amongst conspiracy theorists. 

You can see Jesus Christ being crucified in the picture surround by a crowd, the background is what’s caused the buzz around the piece of art. You can clearly see what we today would associate with flying saucers, thousands of years before flight was even imagined. 

There are many examples from history that suggests aliens and alien craft were identified in ancient art. From ancient Egypt to cave art we see examples of flying craft and beings with helmets and masks. 

Did our ancient ancestors know of something we don’t that originates from outside our world? Do these strange flying objects have a spiritual representation? It’s a very interesting image and I’m sure the debate will rage on! 

H/T – Express 

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