Entire class see the same 40ft-long UFO

It’s been 40 years since the entire class from a school in a small Welsh town, saw the same UFO.

Still with 40 years of investigation, the mystery still isn’t properly solved.

The headmaster of the school, Ralph Llewellyn, thought it was some kind of practical joke. But the pupils continued to stick to their story, and even signed a petition demanding the police investigate the sighting.

The headmaster decided to try and catch the children out and asked them to individually draw what they saw. It soon became apparent they were drawing very similar images of the UFO.

As soon as the news went public, sceptics claimed what the children saw was a top secret air-craft, due to the military bases close by. These claims are further supported by the frequency of UFO Sightings throughout the area.

But investigations conducted by UFO expert, Neil Spring, uncovered a secret investigation by the military:

 Whilst the government was telling the public they had no records of any unusual activity in the area, privately, officials were so concerned about the UFO Sightings in Broad Haven that they asked the military police to conduct a ‘discreet’ investigation.

The 4oth anniversary was marked by some of the class mates revisiting the school. Everyone of the former pupils still claims they know what they saw, and they saw an alien craft. 

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