Giant beam of light above active volcano

A giant beam of light has been spotted above Mount Etna, one of the most active volcanos in the world.

The massive beam of light thought to be about 200 meters high, moves from the centre of the volcano down the right hand side of the mountain.

UFO enthusiasts from around the world have suggested it may be an alien portal or a craft beaming something up or down. This comes after numerous unexplained sightings involving volcanos have emerged over the last few months. 

UFO enters a live volcano and a UFO shot out of a volcano  

Can it be written off as a natural occurrence? It’s too constant and large to be lightening, and nothing like it has ever been filmed before. 
The narrator does a great job of explaining what’s happening in the video, and to us it seems his expertise discounts any natural event. This leaves the options of a man made or an extraterrestrial anomaly.