Infamous Black Knight caught on ISS cam? 

A ufo hunter claims he has spotted the infamous Black Knight satelitte from an International Space Station live feed.

The Black Knight satelitte has been debated by UFO enthusiasts since it was captured on film in a 1998 Nasa space walk. As soon as the original footage was released ufo enthusiasts claimed the dark object, that has a polar orbit was an ancient alien satelitte. 

The original Black Knight photo from 1998

Nasa dismissed the claims that the object was an alien satelitte, it was just a thermal blanket lost by one of the astronauts aboard the space shuttle endeavour they claimed. 

In 1899 Nikola Tesla announced that he had picked up radio signals from outside this planet, prompting people to question if something else was out there. Similar experiments in Norway from 1928 seemed to back up Teslas claims.

The most recent picture of the legendary Black Knight satelitte

In 1954 a retired naval aviation major claimed the US Airforce had detected two mysterious satelittes, despite there not being any launched into orbit yet. This was supported when in 1963 astronaut Gordon Cooper reported seeing a mysterious dark object orbiting the earth. This sighting was subject to a media blackout on his return to earth with nasa claiming it was down to cosmic hallucinations.

Does all this evidence combined with the recent photograph and the 1998 shot prove there is a mysterious black satelitte. If it does, is it extraterrestrial? 

Images – NASA 

Video – Streetcap1  (youtube)