Is it a UFO or the top secret TR-3B craft?

UFO hunters all over the Internet have reacted to this video shot in Ontario, Canada. Some are claiming it’s the legendary TR-3B craft that uses alien technology.

The witness who took the video, who wanted to remain anonymous said: 

“I pulled on to my street heading home and noticed three bright lights in the sky.

Two were red one was white flashing very fast.”

He recorded the object for a few seconds and went inside to grab his family to come and look. 

When he started filming for a second time (the video above) the object was behaving differently. The lights were flashing in different pulses and showing in different colours. 
UFO enthusiasts claim that the craft isn’t alien but is man made using alien technology. The long alleged black project spy plane named the TR-3B, could be what’s on film here they claim. 

The theories around this craft are that it was reverse engineered from salvaged alien craft at secret sites like Area 51. 

We always like to give the opposite side of the ‘believer’, but in this case it seems to have even stumped top UFO debunkers. It certainly doesn’t look like anything we have seen before.
Video and images- UFO Casebook – YouTube