Mysterious green flashes spotted on NASA camera. 

Mysterious green lights have been caught on camera streaking across space. 

Famous YouTuber Streetcap1 uploaded the video along with a video with his analysis to his YouTube channel. 

The video shows NASA camera footage of the earth with the dark sky of space above. Throughout the video you can see bursts of unexplained light. 

One of the mysterious flashes

Even the experienced YouTuber had no explanation for the phenomenon, and commented:

“I have absolutely no idea what that is at all”.

The comments section on the video erupted into a fierce debate. With people congratulating him on some great extraterrestrial footage and others saying they are just meteorites. 

What do you make of the flashes? Us at ILW don’t believe they are meteorites and its a very interesting find! 

Source – Streetcap1 / YouTube