NASA photo shows alien base on the moon!

NASA photo shows alien base on the moon!
UFO hunters have been investigating lunar photos and believe they have found evidence of portable alien bases.

Famous UFO YouTubers Secureteam10 have claimed that photos from the NASA Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter have proved aliens exist, and have bases on the moon.

Multiple shots from the surface of the moon definitely show a strange object, it seems to almost have a chimney or be some sort of satelitte dish. 

Structure with a chimney or a satelitte dish?

It was after the original excitement over this find that UFO hunters from the internet spotted something else.
The object that had been discussed on the surface of the moon resembled a UFO that had previously been seen above the moon. If this is infact the same or a similar object, then we may have seen it in both flight and docked on the ground.

Are these the same object?

The responses to this video have been as mixed as they always are when it involves this subject.

People commented and insisted it’s the same object as was seen hovering above the moon, and it looked too unnatural to be a crater.

Sceptics claimed people were just trying to see what they want to see, and it’s clearly a crater.