Two UFOs filmed from on board the ISS

World renowned UFO hunters are calling this some of the best evidence yet 

UFO experts beleive that aliens are watching the ISS and monitoring what our technology is capable of. Is this why there has been dozens of credible pieces of evidence over the last year? 

In the video Samantha Cristoforetti from the ESA, is demonstrating how to use the capsules window shutters.


Eagle eyed UFO hunter, Tyler Glockner, luckily analysed the footage and found what he says is a “smoking gun UFO”.
He added on his full length video analysis on his YouTube channel, Secureteam10:

“I do believe we have some undeniable footage that will prove that there are unknown manned objects in space.”

“I’m not talking about space debris or any of the usual go-to excuses used by NASA”.

Is this video as good as the experts believe it is? The second ufo really does seem to have a free movement and isn’t following a single path. 

Video – YouTube / Ufo Gunlugu 

Original content – YouTube / Secureteam10