UFO uncloaks after a lightning strike.

Has a UFO uncloaked because of the storm energy gathering around the edges of the craft? 

You can feel how real it was to the person filming the phenomenon by how much the camera was shaking. 

After the first lightning strike you can see the energy circling the edges of the disc UFO, and the craft seems to be lighting the entire sky up.

Is the UFO using the storms energy?

After about 30 seconds of the craft being on display there is a second lighting strike and it instantly disappears. 

As videos like this always do, it’s caused major debate online. Most of the comments were positive towards it being a UFO. Some were congratulating the person who captured the footage, and other said my hands would have been shaking as well. Sceptics claim it’s purely CGI and have dismissed the video as nothing but a fake.

Credit – ViralVideoLab – YouTube 

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