Video: Two UFO’s filmed at an air show.

A man from Washingtons visit to an air show may have unearthed some serious UFO evidence. 

John Whichelow was at Skyfest which was being held at the Washington Fairchild AFB. Throughout the day he filmed many of the jets and planes that were on show. When he got home and looked back through his footage he noticed a couple of unexplained UFO’s. 

The first UFO, the white object, was seen speeding past the two Thunderbird jets and they flew by each other. What puts into perspective the speed of the object is that the two jets were travelling at 500mph. It’s countless times faster, what could it be? 

The second UFO, the dark object, was caught hovering in the sky under another jet. 

It’s strange that nobody else at the air show saw any of these objects, which leads me towards they aren’t man made and part of the show. Mr Whichelow isn’t sure what he captured on film. But is sure they aren’t birds, meteors or insects. 

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