Were 32 cows mass killed by aliens?

An entire herd of cows was annihilated by what many believe was a storm. UFO enthusiasts believe it could be more mysterious. 

Jared Blackwelder a farmer lost his entire herd worth $80,000, I’m what he believes to be a lightning storm. Secureteam10 stepped in and questioned if there was another explanation.

Some of the 32 cows that were massacred

Tyler from secureteam10 published the video to his channel with expert analysis. He said:

“It would seem that we have a new trend that’s really only been happening over the past couple of years where we’re seeing mass animal die offs all at one time, all of it being blamed on lightning strikes,” the YouTube vlogger says.

“We didn’t hear about this stuff back in the day and in all of these cases, none of these farmers actually saw the lightning strike.”

He explained that cattle mutilations are well known in the UFO community, suggesting aliens could be behind the unexplained slaughter.

“Can all of this really be blamed on magical single lightning strikes that would occur without even a storm being present?” he asked.

“I’m wondering if there’s a cover up here?”

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