Golden Ghost Town


The eagerly anticipated new series of Ghost Adventures arrived and served us up the first episode, Golden Ghost Town.

The location was Wolf Creek, Oregon, in an old mining town that thrived from the 1890’s to its demise in the 1920’s.

The town was owned and name ‘Golden’ by Reverend William Ruble, who ruled the town with an ‘iron fist’, refusing to let the residents enjoy life and insisting on religious practices in the many churches.

Picture of an old looking William Ruble, who used to own the the town where Golden Ghost Towns was set
William Ruble the original owner of the town where Golden Ghost Towns was filmed

When the town eventually met its demise due to the gold mines drying up, it soon became a dark and horrible place. As the buildings started to decompose, so did the integrity of the people, with countless murders, bodies found and witchcraft.

Golden Ghost Town Investigation

Zak starts the Golden Ghost Town investigation by telling the team that if you venture into the town at night its likely you will be possessed, backed up by an Archbishops accounts of being attacked.

As the team start the pre investigation interviews start with the Archbishop the paranormal forces come to life. Zak stops the interview and reaches for his digital recorder to try and make contact. He calls out the spirit and instantly hears footsteps by where he is sat. When the digital recording is reviewed, a ‘demonic hissing’ can be heard interacting with Zak.

A little further in to the Golden Ghost Town investigation, Zak feels the urge to join the rest of the team in the Church building. Stuff starts to get really weird now, it appears Zak becomes possessed and one of the locals starts to get aggressive towards him. I’ve certainly not seen Zak act like this before, and find him credible enough to not ‘act’ out a possession.

Shows an image of the host, Zak, acting possessed in the Golden Ghost Towns episode.
Was Zak possessed in Golden Ghost Town?

Not long after the cameras are rolling for the investigation, Jay see’s an unexplained figure walking in between the general store and another building. The team don’t discount this being a human and send Aaron and Billy to try and find the cause of the image on the thermal camera.

An image on the thermal camera showing the figure walking between the buildings in Golden Ghost Towns
The figure captured in Golden Ghost Towns

After circling the area the decided to enter the general store and see if anybody was hiding out in there. Minutes after being in the building they hear a voice and Aaron is attacked, his entire shoulder goes into cramp and he claims its the worst pain ever! I’m generally not a massive believer in this kind of paranormal interaction, but experts I speak to assure me it certainly happens.

My doubts were immediately calmed with physical evidence. Aaron decides to do an EVP session and picks up a very clear ‘Demon’ through the recorder.

Zak swaps places with Aaron and continues investigating the general store to try and get visual evidence of the spirit. They use an SLS camera and pick up a weird entity. They continue to try and interact and eventually get a pay off when they ask if its William Ruble. Instantly after asking if its William, the figure in the SLS camera morphs into a different shape and moves towards them, accompanied by a huge gust of wind.

An image from an SLS camera used during the Golden Ghost Towns episode
Is this William Ruble? Captured on the SLS camera during Golden Ghost Towns

Whilst Zak and Billy were making a possible interaction with William Ruble, the others spotted another mysterious figure on the thermal camera moving through the buildings again. The team legitimately seem worried it isn’t paranormal and could potentially be a dangerous person stalking them in the dark.

Whilst they search the perimeter of the area with high powered night vision binoculars, they lock Aaron in the church house to conduct an investigation. Seconds after hes locked down a black mass is seen on the camera moving through the church pews, it certainly doesn’t look like an animal or some kind of shadow.

The night seems to be on a wind down with no further sightings of the mysterious figure and a couple of failed experiment by Aaron in the church building. The team all gather back in the nerve center and all of a sudden everyone’s walkie talkies turn on to the sound of heavy breathing. Simultaneous to this the static cameras all start to go in and out of focus, obviously all of this can be staged, but I’m a ghost fan and a believer!

Golden Ghost Town was a welcomed return to the screens of  my favorite ghost show and has wet my appetite for future episodes. A couple of epic EVP’s and an interesting black mass were some great paranormal takeaways from this episode.

Thanks for reading! Keep checking back with us for future paranormal show reviews. 

Images courtesy of the Travel Channel

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