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Haunted Berlin

My friends over at DDF Ghosthunting asked me to check out their Halloween Haunted Berlin special and I was honoured to have an early peak. What makes DDF so special is their ruthless search for 100% authentic paranormal evidence. They ruthlessly debunk 99% of the ghost evidence out there and when you watch their debunking videos you can see the level of expertise in which they go about it.

When I spoke to Mort about the video he was quick to debunk most of the stuff I thought was amazing, you will even see debunking during the episode. This highly critical view of their own work is very rare in the paranormal world and something that should be, in my view taken seriously.


Haunted Berlin – Introduction

Haunted Berlin

As we all know Germany has a very dark past, I think we know well enough for me to not go into the details. DDF don’t have trouble finding places to explore with the many sites that were home to unspeakable atrocities throughout history. One of these places was the Luna Lager labour camp in Berlin. During World War 2 this camp was used by the Nazi’s and enslaved prisoners of war to make weapons, which mostly were used against their own people. At the peak of the camp there were over 2500 prisoners and as a result of malnutrition, disease and allied bombing runs hundreds of them died there. These tragic deaths are made even more poignant by the graveyard within the camp some gravestones not even showing a date of birth and just a death date.

Haunted Berlin – Investigation

Haunted Berlin

You have probably wondered what the DDF stands for? Its Drunk Dumb Fucks, and as the name suggests the wine cork pops and the investigation gets underway.

The two investigators Mort and Hicxs do the usual paranormal investigation set up and split up between the remaining labour camp and the cemetery outside. Not long after the investigation is in full swing events start happening that change the dynamic of the ‘solo’ investigations. A true laugh out loud moment happened when Mort couldn’t contact Hicxs and actually hoped he was being ass-raped by a demon!

The investigation did produce a few paranormal gems, I originally thought a lot more until Mort dismissed them during one of our chats.

As you can see during the video and in the conclusion many of the weird parts of the investigation were debunked by the team.

  • The weird noises Hicxs heard whilst doing his solo investigation could easily be accredited to the mice present, evidence of these mice were actually caught on camera.
  • The Mel meter going crazy early in the investigation was purely down to low batteries (I’ll get to the low batteries later)
  • The scream in Morts ear. No physical evidence of this, could it have been his imagination created by fear.

The nights investigation was seriously overshadowed by poor battery performance. Poor battery performance is widely accredited to spirits draining the power to use to manifest themselves. Was this the reason why the team only managed 4 hours of recording with 24 hours worth of batteries? The Mel meters crazy readings weren’t actually paranormal in the bunker early in the investigation but the batteries dying minutes after being put in could easily be.

The EVP Hicxs picked up in the bunker was a great piece of evidence in my opinion. We can accredit most of the noises to rodents in the abandoned bunker, this was very different than these noises. Although the word wasn’t understandable it still flags as a serious piece of evidence that I would lean towards being paranormal.

The insane amount of noise from within the woods on the night was also very interesting. You wouldn’t be called harsh if you thought it was just wind or animals in the night, I did at first. Then I had a proper think about it and the constant snapping of branches coupled with the teams feeling of being surrounded changed my mind. There seemed to be little wind on the evening and the amount of noise surely couldn’t be down to moving animals? Maybe not definite proof of the paranormal but certainly a massive talking point.

The stand out piece of evidence for me was right at the end of the investigation when Mort and Hicxs had stumbled one of the demolished bunkers and decided to do a Mel meter session. They started to get serious results when speaking aggressively in German. It didn’t happen just once it happened twice in a row. Even though I’m sceptical of Morts ‘shout in the ear’ it happened just before he stumbled across this site. If you don’t need physical evidence and the theory behind the paranormal it is good enough, this is certainly weird.

Haunted Berlin – Conclusion

I love watching DDF’s stuff you can know for sure that they aren’t pulling the wool over your eyes and making a fool out of you. I even pointed out some things I thought were paranormal like the leaves falling whilst they were investigating the woods, Mort told me probably not.

The three big talking points of the investigation are potentially some of the best evidence you will see in a long time, purely down to authenticity. You wont see much evidence from the team because in reality evidence doesn’t present itself as much as you see on TV shows, but that’s another discussion for another time.

Check out DDF Ghosthunting on YouTube here!

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  • October 31, 2017 at 12:16 pm

    You can really trust these guys. They are the real deal. No Tom Foolery from them.

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