Ogden Possession 

Ghost Adventures – Ogden Possession

The second episode of the new series is set in Ogden, Utah, and billed as the Ogden Possession. In this small town a family are in desperate need of help to help ward off the evil that haunts them.

The experiences started when the husband and wife of the family, David and Jen were experiencing some relationship difficulties and David started to see apparitions of a girl with red hair. Not long after the team arrived David, influenced by the red-haired girl, changes his mind about the whole investigation.

The red haired girl in the Ogden Possession
He tells Zak that She’s extremely angry about the team investigating the home and told him to “shut up and walk away”.
After some lengthy convincing he’s convinced to sit with Zak and discuss what’s happening. He starts to really open up during the interview and seems to admit a dependence of sorts on her, even claiming she told him they are soul mates.

It goes very dark when David admits she tries to convince him to kill himself showing him, visons of the event and his family being happier without him there.
Is this a demon trying to convince David to do something horrible or is he suffering from mental health problems, a classic case of schizophrenia maybe?

Zak builds the case against David having mental health problems and discloses that at least 3 of the family members have these visions. David’s children tell of instances of people stood over their beds watching them sleep and evil feelings coming from closets.

The sceptic in me thinks this could easily be kids being scared by things that all kids are fearful of, mixed with their father’s potential mental illness influencing them. What’s really happening in the Ogden Possession.

Ogden Possession investigation.

A couple of days after the initial interviews the team return with a Bishop to the home which overlooks a cemetery. The children were moved for their own safety while the Ogden Possession investigation took place as the team were expecting some dangerous results.

The bishop talks with David for a short time about his experiences with the possible demon. He tells him of his suicidal visions and that he feels like he’s betraying her by talking to him. He looks legitimately stressed and worried by the whole event and needs a break to ‘take a breath’. Still not enough for me to be swayed away from possible mental health problems.

The business end now takes place in the Ogden Possession investigation when the team set out to gather physical evidence of the entities that haunt the home.

Zak starts off the investigation using the spirit box and asks, “who’s in the room?”, “what do you want to do right now?” and “who’s in the closet?”. The latter response receives and loud and clear voice saying, “I’m praying”. The EVP session ends with an unexplained voice telling Zak to “just hold on” when he asks what the intention with David is.

Zak picks up the I’m praying EVP in the Ogden Possession
The team then break from the EVP session when they are told there has been sightings of figures on the roof. Zak grabs the SLS camera and tries to catch some visual evidence. Almost straight away he catches a figure who’s arms are acting really erratically. The team liken it to Jesus being crucified and summise that it must be mocking the crucifixion of Jesus, this I’ll need some more convincing of personally.

The team pick up an image on the SLS cam in the Ogden Possession

The Ogden Possession the episode of EVP’s

The team grab the spirit box again and try and make audio contact with the figure form the SLS cam. I’ll be honest what they catch is pretty mind blowing.

Zak approaches the closet and asks “what’s in here”, he’s met with and instant response of “stop it!”. Obviously they didn’t, its a ghost hunt after all. They followed up by asking who do you want and got the response of “father Bryan”, the Bishop the team had brought along to the investigation. The last part of the EVP session is potentially the weirdest and creepiest.

The team ask the spirit what they want from David and the response is “marry him”, remember back in the introduction David told us that that girl with red hair says they are soulmates?  If that’s a real capture does it prove the family are really possessed by a demon?

The creepy marry me EVP in the Ogden Possession
Final part of the Ogden Possession investigation

The team along with Bishop Bryan bring Jen and David back in the home to perform a blessing on them. You can see David’s discomfort and anguish as the blessing is taking place, he even confuses a voice for his wife’s at one point.

As the blessing continues my scepticism of David being possessed starts to fade. His anguish and pain start to make a believer out of me. While the bishop performed a ceremony of placing crucifixes around the house, his symptoms got progressively worse.

I’m fascinated with the paranornal but I generally roll my eyes when people get possessed. This episode definitely made me more open to the prospect of it being real. The EVP’s were spectacular and the highlight of the show! Check the episode out and let us know what you think.

Watch the full episode here

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