Can animals become ghosts when they die?

Can animals become ghosts?

Most paranormal sightings are stories of demons, violent poltergeists and shadowy figures. We aren’t the only living things in this world though. Can everything that lives become a spirit? Can animals become ghosts?

It is a fairly accepted notion in the paranormal world that animals have a heightened connection to the spirit world. The physical attributes they posses would undoubtedly give them an advantage at seeing or hearing anything paranormal.

Animals are fine tuned hunting machines with superior vision and hearing that compared to humans, would be considered a super power. Humans have a hearing range of 12Hz – 20,000Hz whereas animals hearing can range anywhere between 40Hz and 60,000Hz. Couple this with vision that covers the full colour spectrum, including UV light, and you have the perfect furry paranormal investigator.

In infographic showing a dogs vision v human vison. Can animals become ghosts
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But, if animals have this connection with the paranormal world, can they really cross over and become ghosts themselves?

If this is possible… and animals become ghosts, we firstly have to clarify that humans can become them! (I mean you’re on a paranormal website so we would like to assume you do!). If there is a difference that separates us from animals, it is our knowledge that death will arrive for all of us one day. We can agree that ghosts are generally connected to life after death so we are fully aware of the process of mortality as human beings, whereas it is difficult to comprehend that the pig waiting to go to his death at the local slaughter house is aware of his upcoming misfortune. Could this be the difference that stops animals entering into the spirit world?

If we assume that when we die we go to a spirit world, we have to explore religion. The bible tells us that humans were created in God’s image, there is no mention of animals. If they are just a bi product of God’s world that was designed for us, it would suggest that there aren’t any plans for them after their life is over.

If animals aren’t part of the master plan and only exist for a shorter period of time on earth, are they brought into the afterlife by our love and feelings towards them? The most common sightings of animal ghosts are cats, dogs and horses. You would therefore assume that this seems to be the case. However if emotion and feeling are a true driving factor behind animals becoming ghosts, then we need to consider hate as an emotion, and a large section of the world hates rats, snakes and spiders. Despite this there are no recorded sightings of these creatures.

Maybe the connection is animals that have been spotted in the afterlife have a soul and the others don’t. Cats, dogs and horses have been proven by science to have decision making attributes outside of their instincts. Does this indicate they have a soul closer to that of humans which enables them to venture into the afterlife after they die? Maybe answering the question ‘Can animals become ghosts?’

Some experts say that its not possible for animals to become ghosts and any sightings are purely a psychic storing of energy. Humans psychic energy bind animals to certain scenarios the same with ghost ships, ghost trains and haunted carriages. If you think about the clothes a ghost wears from centuries ago, all frilly and long white dresses… these have no soul, but there are well known accounts of ghosts wearing clothing that connect it to the period it lived on earth.

Can animals become ghosts? is a tricky and possibly unanswerable question, the same with most paranormal topics. Could our emotions be influencing us and we start associating any sight and sound with our long lost pet pooch? We wouldn’t do this with a fly, does this explain why only a handful of animals are sighted? I personally believe that all paranormal activity is an imprint of energy, so if an animal made an impact during its life I would suggest it could actually become a ghost. Maybe animals really can become ghosts!

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