why don’t we see ghosts of cavemen? Can ghosts die?

Can ghosts die?

I get asked a lot by fans and critics of the paranormal, Can ghosts die? Why don’t we see ghosts of caveman and dinosaurs? Let’s explore the possibilities…

Ghosts are energy.

If you ask most investigators they will tell you ghosts are manifestations of energy. Investigators sometimes feel a charge in the air and and an energetic atmosphere. When investigations are what you can consider a success, electrical devices commonly malfunction. Batteries can drain, radios turn off and mobile phones start acting weird. This could certainly be a spirit using the electrical energy to boost their own energy to manifest and communicate with the investigators.

The standard piece of any investigators kit is an EMF meter, this measures any change in the electromagnetic field. If you put one of these meters near anything electrical you will see a spike in the electromagnetic reading. If used honestly and away from any electrical devices it’s a great indicator of a spirit within the area of investigation.

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If ghosts do exist and I believe they do, the laws of the universe would suggest they are energy. Everything in the universe is made of energy including humans. Energy is neither created or destroyed, it just exists. Where does our energy go when we die? If you ask a paranormal believer they will say this energy stays encapsulated within a soul. So can ghosts die?

Although energy can neither be created or destroyed some scientists believe it does have a half life and can dissipate over time. Some even claim the earth can be dated using its magnetic field, backed up by its weakening power year after year. Could spirits have intelligent memories connected to magnetic principles? and this weakens over time just like the earths observable weakening magnetic field. It begs the quest if the earth loses power over time, can ghosts die?

Are ghosts connected to the living?

Another possibility could be the connection between people and the spirit that haunts. There is the massive possibility that we see what we want to see and we pass these vision and beliefs on to our community. After time these stories fade away and it seems as if the hauntings have stopped. Maybe they never really happened? Everybody that has lost someone always says I know they are here I can feel them. Then they credit every little noise and disturbance to them.

Maybe the lack of belief and being forgotten over time does in fact make the entity weaken and move on. If the spirit is no longer relevant perhaps it has no purpose. Maybe the message has been passed on, loved ones have been watched over or the environment has changed so much there is no point in being there.

Just think of the advancements over time. 21 years ago we didn’t have the World Wide Web, the iPhone didn’t exist 11 years ago and the first time humans flew were 100 years ago. Would a spirit from 500 years ago even understand and know what to do today? Factor in changes to language, accents and slang words and you have an environment they couldn’t exist or interact in.

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What really is the afterlife?

The lack of seeing ancient ghosts could be purely down to a belief in the afterlife, if caveman and Neanderthals didn’t know about it, did that exclude them from it? Does the modern day belief system (Last 2000 years) open a door to a more open and interactive afterlife?

Well respected scientists including Stephen Hawking believe we are in fact living in a multiverse. If we are living in a parallel multiverse and our lives are happening infinite times over, could we be seeing glimpses of our loved ones in a different dimension? This really does make me think, if only for the fact seriously intelligent people believe it’s a possibility.

My favourite theory that I hold closest to my heart is reincarnation. Could our energy be constantly recycled and morphed into different forms of life. The period of time from death to a reincarnation is the time that hauntings can happen. The only question here is Do we reincarnate back into intelligent beings? We can safely say reincarnation happens to a level, even if it’s only becoming part of the soil or part of the atmosphere.

Who knows…

No matter which expert you listen to or blog you read there are hundreds or theories that could be made a case for. The beauty of the paranormal means exploring and questioning all of these theories and taking what’s right for you. I personally believe our energy carries on into another form. As Carl Sagan said: “We are made of starstuff”.

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