A demon caught on camera in abandoned asylum.

Two ghost hunters had the fright of their lives while investigating an old abandoned asylum. (Ghost activity at 8 mins)

The 7 minutes leading up to the paranormal experience would have made me run for the exit. 

As they explored the asylum they came across weird characters painted on the walls and even satanic images. One of the guys even commented in the video “demon number 3”.

As Steve, one of the ghost hunters, talks to the camera you can see a black shadow walk past in the distance. As the shadow moves across the corridor you can hear footsteps and a large bang as if the figure is shutting a door.

“Guys did you hear that? That was seriously two large bangs – I don’t know what the f*** that was”
At this point his ghost hunting partner appears looking surprised at his friends reaction, when he learns of his discovery he says “I’m getting the f*** out of here”.

Since the video was uploaded YouTube it’s had 3.8 million views. 

One user commented “OMG that scared the s*** out of me.”

Another user claimed it was edited and it was just his partner.

Images & video – YouTube  (exploring with Steve)

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