Ghost caught on camera in Thai jungle.

A group of bikers were stunned when they looked back through their helmet cam footage.

Jade Mungnon and her friends were riding their motorcycles off road through the jungle, when they recorded what seems to be a lady appear from withing the vines. 

It wasn’t until they finished the cross country trail and looked back through the footage that they saw the eerie figure. 

Is this the moment the ancient ghost was captured

The off road trail is said to be haunted by an ancient lady, and many travellers have reported seeing her.

It’s this ghost that Jade claims to have caught on camera, she said:

“Her dark eyes, face, arm and shapely figure are visible as she turns over her right shoulder to look at the person filming her before disappearing a split second later.”

The group have since been back to the spot where they recorded the eerie figure, but failed to find anything.

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