Ghost of a Bishop caught on camera in Cathedral 

Kerry Launders was taking pictures inside the Norwich Cathedral with her partner and two children, when she innocently snapped what she believes is a ghost.

Could it be one of the Bishops buried in the Cathedral?

When she got home she was looking back through the pictures she had took that day. As she was looking through she found the photo of an 11th century arch, with a blurred figure she didn’t see when she took the photo.

The ghostly figure seems to be wearing long robes and a pointed hat, pretty much what a bishop would wear. 

You can see it has a pointed hat

It’s after Kerry saw the photo and did a little investigating she found out that 12 Bishops were buried there, could this be the ghost of one of those Bishops? 

The grade 1 listed building is a hot spot for paranormal activity, and is part of a local ghost tour. 

Sceptics have dismissed it as a ghost app and it was just somebody making a claim to fame. Kerry insists this picture is real and she has no interest in making hoaxes, the mystery continues.