Ghost of a Monk caught on camera! (Video)

A ghost hunting team beleive they have captured the ghost of a Monk that is said to haunt the Rutland Arms pub.

The ghost hunting team, The Ghost Dimension, lead by Sean Reynolds believe they caught the ghost of a Monk called ‘Cuthbert’.

Cuthbert used to use the underground tunnels under the area and would regularly visit the inn. He used to belong to a friary in Newark but the date is unknown. Sean said:

‘It is believed that the monk comes from a friary in Newark and used to wander a secret underground network of tunnels there.

‘It is not the first time the monk has been seen at the Rutland Arms but it is the first time he has been captured.

‘Many psychic mediums have said they have been psychically connected to the monk and he goes by the name of Cuthbert.

Has Cuthbert finally been caught on camera?

The team insist that everybody who was on the ghost hunt was accounted for at the time of filming and there is no explanation of the eerie dark figure.
If the team are correct and this isn’t one of the investigators then this is really an amazing piece of evidence!