Ghostly figure captured on camera by Ghost Hunters.

A group of ghost hunters investigated the Biddeford City Theatre in Maine – and captured some amazing evidence.

As well as the video showing a bright orb zoom off stage, there are two pictures which could show the figure of Eva Gray.

Eva Gray died in 1904 backstage after singing ‘Goodbye little girl, Goodbye’. 

What’s even more heart breaking is that her 3 year old daughter was in the crowd the night she died.

One of the pictures that was captured by the team appear to show a lady walking up the stairs at the back of the theatre.

The second picture shows an eerie figure peering out over the stage from the upper tier of the audience.

Caroline Mezoian who took the photos, believes it’s Eva roaming around the theatre she loved to perform in.

She said:

“’I didn’t really believe it at first, but when you look at the images how can you deny that’s not something?”

The team are still painstakingly going through the evidence from their investigation, maybe some more paranormal delights are in store for us.


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