Harry Houdini’s ghost caught on camera. 

Daniel Winter was on a ghost hunt at the Royal Hippodrome Theatre, Eastbourne, when he captured the ghostly image. 

Daniel took the image back in 2015 and has only recently shared it because he claims it’s by far the best ghost evidence he has found on his ghost hunts. 

“It shows a misty figure. It just appeared on the picture. It was very dark so we couldn’t see anything in person,” explained Daniel. 

“It definitely couldn’t have been us and the security guard was also with us so we knew everyone was there.” Daniel added. 

The theatre was one of the last venues Houdini played, and it still houses the alterations he made to stage to aid his illusions. This performance was around about the same he performed his elaborate escape from Eastbourne Police station in 1905. Obviously the claim it’s Houdini are very loose and there are no solid facts to support this. 

This image has its critics, and with all paranormal stuff you have to look at it with a skeptical pair of eyes. Im a fantasist and the thought of that ghostly white mist being Harry Houdini makes me smile! 
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