Have a family captured a ghosts face on video?

It was 1am on a Saturday morning and Elaine and her daughter were trying to capture shooting stars in the garden. 

After they both kept noticing orbs in the kitchen they decided to film in there for a while.

As you can hear by both their reactions in the video, what they captured was pretty frightening.

At the end of the video you see a mist then what seems to be a ghostly face rush at them.

This isn’t the first time the family have reported strange goings on at the home. Friends and family have reported seeing a figure of a teenage boy roaming around the home.
Son-in-law Jason who uploaded the video to YouTube who is sceptical of this kind of thing added:

I’m pretty sceptical – but even I couldn’t describe what’s going on in that video.”

H/T – Wales Online 

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