House declared haunted by the state of New York

We all know of that weird and creepy house, the kind you’re nervous just walking past?

Well in Nyack, New York right on the bank of the Hudson River, there’s a house that’s a million times worse. 

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The house was declared haunted in a court of law under the “ghostbusters ruling”. So this house is legally haunted, and the story that this house has is scary as hell.

In the 1960’s a lady named Helen Ackley and her family moved into the home, not realising what terrors they had waiting for them.

After the Ackleys moved in they started to experience some seriously unusual events. She told her neighbours and family but no one really took any notice. It wasn’t till a couple of years after her telling her stories that something happened that made everyone take notice. 

The family invited a house guest over for dinner. The perfectly fit and healthy house guest died instantly within an hour of being there, from a brain aneurysm. 
The most common paranormal experience the family experienced in the house, were the spirits waking them up every morning by shaking their beds. 

One night Helen called out to the spirits and asked them because it was weekend would they not wake them up in the morning. The next day the entire family woke up by their own accord, further proving the paranormal experiences they were having.

In 1977 Helen shared the stories of her house with readers digest. The article titled “Our haunted house on the Hudson” told the story of when a spirit hung around while she decorated the living room.

Helen said:

The spirit was a man who was rocking back and forth in mid-air, approving of the changes that her and the Ackley family were making to the home. 

The house being legally declared haunted came about when the family decided to sell their home. They decided to keep the houses haunted history a secret, something they would later regret.

The couple who were interested in buying the home loved the place that much they put a deposit on the home to secure it. It’s after they paid their deposit they noticed the house was included in a local list of ghost tours, which then made them change their mind about wanting to live in the house.

The buyers claimed it was their right to be able to pull out of the purchase of the home, because of not being informed of the homes spooky past. The Ackleys won the first case but the buyers appealed the verdict and won a second trial, it’s then the “ghostbusters ruling” was born after the judge said “who ya gonna call” at one point in the trial.

Never before has a house been legally declared haunted! 

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