Man dragged out of bed by a ghost!

Insane footage shows a man attacked by a ghost while he sleeps.

The CCTV footage shows two men sleeping on their beds in a room. Moments later the door opens, in what what could be put down to a gust of wind.

What happens next seriously puts the door opening due to a gust of wind in doubt. The man closest to the camera suffers a shocking paranormal attack. 

The man’s legs slowly get lifted up then he’s dragged down the bed and shaken violently. It’s at the point where only his neck and head are touching the bed that he wakes up. You then see him frantically trying to grab hold of something and cling on.

After he’s released he gets up and goes to investigate what had just happened to him. You can see he’s shaken and confused. If it’s real or a hoax it’s impressive either way.

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