Does this picture show the spirit of deceased twin?

Mum of six, Deb Larcombe, has shared her amazing family picture which she claims shows the spirit of her son who died just after being born.

She received the devastating news during her pregnancy that one of her twins had an extra chromosome and he was unlikely to survive his first day.

To make things even worse there was a 95% chance that her unborn son would die in the womb, which would put his twin sister in serious danger of not surviving.

Is that the spirit of Jeremy next to his sister?

The picture shows the surviving twin Taylah now 8 years old with a strange light next to her, with what seems to be a face of baby within it.

Mum Deb is convinced its the spirit of her dead son, Jeremy watching over his twin sister. She recalls times when Taylah was a toddler and she would find her laughing and giggling and when asked who she was laughing at she would say “Jeremy”.

She thinks the bond forged between the twins in the womb is unbreakable. Jeremy battled against just a 5% chance of survival to ensure his sisters survival, and he has carried on looking out for her all her life.

Jeremy with his mum just after birth

HT – Sun

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