Poltergeist caught on CCTV in British museum.

The museum in Torquay, England, say there has been a long list of unexplained events happen over the years, have they finally got proof?

You can see the stack of booklets fly of the shelf at the beginning of the video. Both staff members are at the other side of the room and the door looks to be firmly shut.

The books fly of the shelf without explanation

Creepy right? 
It gets worse, when one of the staff members goes to investigate, it seems the poltergeist decides to throw another stack of booklets at him. 

There have been a number of incidents of books and leaflets flying of the shelves in the Museum’s bookshop, and there has been a long list of unexplained activity at Torquay Museum over the past few years.


Have the museum captured a poltergiest in action here, or is there another explanation? 

H/T – Torquay Museum & ITV 

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