Poltergeist gets impatient waiting for a drink 

We’ve all stood at the bar for what seems an eternity trying to get her barmans attention, imagine being invisible and trying it.

CCTV footage from the New York Italian Kitchen in Yorkshire shows the moment a glass topples off a tray. Which the owner insists is a ghost. 

The owner Shaun Deakin claims this is just one instance of the many paranormal experiences the staff have witnessed.

The spooky going on all started straight after they refurbished the restaurant. Shaun told interviewers about a couple of the paranormal events that have occurred:

“There’s champagne glasses in the bar and one day, six of them just came flying out.

“We kind of ignored it but then there was another incident when a member of staff was walking with a tray of glasses. He said he felt like someone smashed the tray from underneath and the glasses went everywhere.”

Other incident have also occurred:

“We have radios that we use between the front of house and kitchen, with screw dials on top. One day, a staff member went to pick the radio up and the screw at the top was missing.

“As they were looking for it, it was pushed out in front of them.”
It seems something definitely doesn’t like the new improvement the owner made in the restaurant. Ghost investigators have approved the owner for permission to investigate the premises. 

H/T – Mirror 

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