Proof of an Afterlife? 

Paranornal investigators are claiming this picture is proof that there is an Afterlife. 

The photograph of the road crash was taken by a passing motorist, and was shared online by his son Saul Vazquez. Saul posted the picture online and said 

I took this picture just a few minutes ago from the cab of my truck

The picture appears to show a wispy figure leaving a body as emergency services work frantically to try and help the victims.

CNN reported later that day that the man involved in the motorcycle collision was pronounced dead when he arrived at the hospital.

After seeing the picture and finding out the the person had sadly passed away at the scene of the accident, paranormal investigator Scott C Waring described the picture as “mind boggling.”

He’s said:

This confirms that humans will not just disappear when we die, but our energy stays intact and lifts away from the shell of a body to go… somewhere awesome.”

Sceptics had their say on the picture when it was posted online:

There are photos taken all the time of accidents, what makes this spirit stronger than all the others?

What’s your opinion? Is this proof of the afterlife or is it just a flawed picture?

H/T – Express 

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