Watch: Ghost of plague victim captured in graveyard 

Is this the moment a a ghostly presence walks past a ghost hunter during an investigation? 

Tony Smith was filming on his own in the graveyard as part of the Amazon Prime series “Haunted Adventures”. 

Tony heard footsteps and felt a presence behind him while filming,  but had no idea what had been captured until he was shown the footage. 

Steve Wesson who is part of the team said: 

‘Tony was on his own in the graveyard. Everybody was accounted for. Marie and Lynn were in the cellar and me and Steph were watching the cameras.

‘Tony said that he felt a presence and heard footsteps but he wasn’t scared.. He is pretty hard core. It takes a lot to push him over the limits.
We are looking forward to the upcoming series if this is what the team are uncovering! 

H/T – Daily Mail