Watch: Ghost opens window in haunted 400 year old cottage. 

The owner of the cottage was baffled by a window opening during the night, he decided to investigate to see if it was the work of a ghost. 

Andrew Ward who owns the 400 year old cottage believes this proves the rumours are true of the place being haunted. For the last 30 years previous residents and locals have speculated whether the place has ghostly visitors. The rumours were fuelled with unexplained experiences and a death. 

The video evidence he captured while he left a camera running overnight has shocked paranormal fans online. You can see the heavy latch being lifted, Seconds after the latch had been moved the window swings open. All of this happened with what seems like no explainable interference. 

When Andrew was interviewed by the press he said: 

“It’s definitely a ghost – it’s really spooky. I knew there was a ghost here and I was determined to prove it.

“The two nights before it happened there was just nothing there but I was sure that one night I was just going to be lucky.

“It could be a ghost ‘stepping in’ to my house. Every night it seems to be the windows. I always close them but some nights I wake up and they’re wide open.
The house is situated next to an old church in the village of Melbourn, Cambridgeshire, and the whole area has a lot of history and a spooky vibe to it. 

Andrews brother used to live in the cottage and said that while he slept he would feel a pressure pushing down on him. He also had experiences with the window, one occasion he heard footsteps coming up the stairs and the window was open in the morning. What finally forced his brother out was his cat refusing to go upstairs in the cottage, that’s when he knew something ghostly was there. 

What do you guys think, I like this one and think it should be investigated further. 

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