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Astronaut saw dead aliens in secret video. 

An astronaut from NASA watched a secret video during a secret briefing, claims a former space craft operator. Clark C McClelland, a former NASA space craft operator, claims that he was told all about...


Is it a UFO or the top secret TR-3B craft?

UFO hunters all over the Internet have reacted to this video shot in Ontario, Canada. Some are claiming it’s the legendary TR-3B craft that uses alien technology. The witness who took the video, who...


3.5 mile structure found on the moon?

Have ufo hunters finally backed up the 48 year old theory that there is a massive spire on the surface of the moon. UFO enthusiasts Mexicogeek posted a video they captured of the spire...


Infamous Black Knight caught on ISS cam? 

A ufo hunter claims he has spotted the infamous Black Knight satelitte from an International Space Station live feed. The Black Knight satelitte has been debated by UFO enthusiasts since it was captured on...


Distant energy flashes could be created by aliens

Since the discovery of these flashes in 2007, we have only detected a handful of them.  These flashes are called Fast Radio Bursts (FRBs), they are an intense flash of energy that last about...


UFO enters and exits live volcano.

A glowing cigar shaped UFO is seen entering the volcano then exiting a few moments later. The footage uploaded to YouTube by Marte Salas, shows a glowing object entering the Popocatepetl volcano in Mexico. ...


UFO over Geneva witnessed by hundreds 

An amazing disc UFO was caught on camera in the skies over Geneva in the La Praille area. The disc shaped object which had three lights was witnessed by hundreds, many of these witnesses...


Mass UFO sighting in the Middle East.

Social media has been sent into a frenzy with multiple video uploads of UFO’s hovering over Iran and Kuwait. The video shows just four of the many viral videos that have been uploaded to...


UFO spotted on police helicopter camera?

The footage of the UFO was shot from a British Police helicopter and tracked in infra-red.  What’s had most UFO enthusiasts excited by this footage is the amount of interest the police take in...