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Poltergeist caught on film at hospital in Argentina?

Spooky footage has emerged of a hospital bed being violently thrown around outside a hospital in Argentina by a poltergeist. The incident was caught on cctv outside a provincial hospital in Rosario, Santa Fe. ...


Poltergeist at a children’s care centre.

This video clip showing what seems to be a violent poltergeist, is worthy of any horror film. The footage gives you the security guards point of view as they slowly walk towards a fire...


Ghost caught on camera in Thai jungle.

A group of bikers were stunned when they looked back through their helmet cam footage. Jade Mungnon and her friends were riding their motorcycles off road through the jungle, when they recorded what seems...


Poltergeist gets impatient waiting for a drink 

We’ve all stood at the bar for what seems an eternity trying to get her barmans attention, imagine being invisible and trying it. CCTV footage from the New York Italian Kitchen in Yorkshire shows...


Man dragged out of bed by a ghost!

Insane footage shows a man attacked by a ghost while he sleeps. The CCTV footage shows two men sleeping on their beds in a room. Moments later the door opens, in what what could...