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Ghost caught running across a lawn

A family were taking pictures of an abnormally big moon, what they captured seriously freaked them out. The pictures were snapped seconds apart and you can see that there’s some sort of blurred object...


Proof of an Afterlife? 

Paranornal investigators are claiming this picture is proof that there is an Afterlife.  The photograph of the road crash was taken by a passing motorist, and was shared online by his son Saul Vazquez....


Have a family captured a ghosts face on video?

It was 1am on a Saturday morning and Elaine and her daughter were trying to capture shooting stars in the garden.  After they both kept noticing orbs in the kitchen they decided to film...


Does this picture show the spirit of deceased twin?

Mum of six, Deb Larcombe, has shared her amazing family picture which she claims shows the spirit of her son who died just after being born. She received the devastating news during her pregnancy...