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Alien megaship captured from the ISS

Have NASA adjusted the images to try and hide the strange objects. The video shows a huge cigar shaped UFO hovering above the earth, with two bright lights sitting just below it. Streetcap1 who...


UFO over Brazilian rain forrest 

Local fisherman filmed the strange object in the sky whilst sat in their boat just before sunrise. The fisherman were going about their daily early morning fishing when one of the them spotted an...


UFO over Geneva witnessed by hundreds 

An amazing disc UFO was caught on camera in the skies over Geneva in the La Praille area. The disc shaped object which had three lights was witnessed by hundreds, many of these witnesses...


Shape-shifting UFO disguises itself as a cloud.

The object had a reflective surface, clouds don’t have that do they?  Anthony Sakowski spotted the strange object in the sky whilst driving through Arizona, and filmed it for two minutes. He insists that...


UFO uncloaks after a lightning strike.

Has a UFO uncloaked because of the storm energy gathering around the edges of the craft?  You can feel how real it was to the person filming the phenomenon by how much the camera...


Mass UFO sighting in the Middle East.

Social media has been sent into a frenzy with multiple video uploads of UFO’s hovering over Iran and Kuwait. The video shows just four of the many viral videos that have been uploaded to...


Aliens hack the Voyager 2 probe.

Many scientists believe that the Voyager 2 probe has been hacked by aliens after earth received an unidentifiable message from it. In April 2010 Voyager 2 was just about to cross our solar systems...


Entire class see the same 40ft-long UFO

It’s been 40 years since the entire class from a school in a small Welsh town, saw the same UFO. Still with 40 years of investigation, the mystery still isn’t properly solved. The headmaster...


UFO spotted on police helicopter camera?

The footage of the UFO was shot from a British Police helicopter and tracked in infra-red.  What’s had most UFO enthusiasts excited by this footage is the amount of interest the police take in...