Artist makes portraits out of the ashes of loved ones.

Heide Hatry from New York has been making artistic tributes to the dead for nearly a decade.

Heides father, Paul Schmid

Her inspiration for this type of art work came about when a close friend of hers tragically committed suicide. 

The tragedy brought back the pain and grief from her fathers passing 15 years previous. Heide then had the idea to tribute both her late friend and father by making portraits out of their ashes. 

Emily Boxer, Heides friends mother

Her friend John Boxer found out what she was doing and loved the idea, and asked her if she would tribute his late mother and father. She agreed and made the portraits for him knowing the solace and peace the portrait of her father brought her. 

John Boxer, Heides friends father

Her friend John Boxer ended up feeling the same emotions has heide, describing having a profound and consoling sense of his parents presence. 

Heide has had mixed reactions to her art, she said:

Most people see the loving approach and are touched by it, though others find it unpleasant bt it, though others find it unpleasant to think about.

Her amazing portraits are on show at the Ubu Gallery in New York till the 12th of May. 

Images – Heide Hatry / Caters 

H/T – Metro 

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