3.5 mile structure found on the moon?

Have ufo hunters finally backed up the 48 year old theory that there is a massive spire on the surface of the moon.

UFO enthusiasts Mexicogeek posted a video they captured of the spire they made on Google Moon, a programme similar to Google Earth… but you get it!! 

3.5 mile high object found by Google Moon

As soon as they posted the video ufo and alien enthusiasts were instantly interested. Scott Waring of ufo sightings daily, was one of the interested experts and posted:

“This is the legendary spire on earth’s moon. It’s been seen before in 1967 orbiter photos. This spire is 3.64 miles tall according to Google ruler. 

Google estimates is to be 3.64 miles high

The object nicknamed the ‘shard’ has been debated for decades. Sceptics have claimed it could be a gas release from under the surface of the moon, but without evidence of spray this can be easily dismissed. 

Images sent back from the orbiter mission in 1967

Believers have insisted it’s a solid object and shows the scars of meteor impacts. If it really is solid it has no similarities to any other geographical object, which really opens the debate up. 

The most reasonable answer could be that in order to make the 360 degree maps, images have to be bolted together. People claim this process has produced an anomaly of what really is a massive impact crater.

I vote for being more fun and claim it’s an alien watch tower!!! What do you think?