8-foot skelton washes up on a British beach.

Walkers got a serious fright when they discovered the corpse of an 8-foot creature on a beach in Cornwall.

Too big to be a seal or a dolphin?

Most of the creature had rotted away, but parts of it were still visible towards the back.

Mr Crane was walking with his wife when he discovered the carcass. At first he thought it must be a seal or a dolphin that had washed up on the beach, but the more he looked he realised this wasn’t the case. He noticed that it was too big and the shape just didn’t fit.

He posted some pictures online and people commented saying it was a pilot whale. This created a debate, with people arguing the head of the corpse was far too large.

Possibly a Pilot Whale?

People started to speculate that the corpse was that of the infamous ‘Morgawr’. 
Morgawr, who’s name means ‘sea giant’ has been a legend around the local area, with multiple sightings from fisherman. The beach where the corpse was found had actually earned the nickname ‘Morgawr’s Mile’, due to the huge amount of sightings.

Is it Morgawr?

The National Sea Watch society have been notified of the find, but are yet to make comment.


Images – Chris Cane & weirdandwildcreatures.wikia.com 

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