Cow worshipping cult offer to buy 5 legged calf.

A farm in India has seen the birth of a 5-legged cow, and worshippers are flocking to see it.

Cows are thought of as a sacred animal in the Hindu faith, so this calf has caused a frenzy of people wanting to see it and touch it. Many of the locals have claimed it’s a “lucky charm” and one ‘cult’ have offered 200,000 (£2,400) rupees for the animal.

Abhinav and his young calf

Abhinav Abrol, 24, despite all the offers is refusing to sell the calf. Local villagers say that Mr Abrol has become emotionally attached to the cow and he has dedicated it to his father.

The cows fifth leg is next to its neck

The visitors who have made the pilgrimage to see the young calf are claiming it’s a miracle sent from God. The worshippers are offering it money and taking pictures with it, in the hope the young cow blesses them.

Visitors have spent their savings just to visit the calf

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