Crazy stunt man lifts bricks with his eyelids

Ghulam Farooq is one of the craziest stunt men in the world. He’s mastered about  50 stunts that only a crazy man would attempt.

The professional stunt man from Pakistan has been nicknamed “Jaws of Iron” because of the stunts he can pull off. 

He can pull a minibus full of passengers with his mouth and bend metal bars with his Jaws. See where he gets his nickname from now?

His latest and possibly most impressive stunt shows him lifting bricks with his eyelids, whilst standing on sharp metal spikes! 

Ghulam claims he is the best stuntman in all of Pakistan and his next plans are to take on the world.

“I am the best stuntman in whole of Pakistan. No one else than me can do these death-defying stunts with ease.”

“Be it a truck run over my head or lifting four kilograms of brick with my eyelids, I can perform such stunts without even a scratch.”

He’s busy planning his next, and biggest stunt to date. He plans to pull two planes with just his teeth. 

If he pulls this stunt off it will put him in the Guinness Book of World Records, and help him realise one of his dreams.

H/T – Mirror 

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