Psychic predicts the start of World War 3

Clairvoyant, Horacio Villegas, who predicted the election of Donald Trump in 2015 has predicted World War 3 is imminent. He predicted an illuminati leader would bring the world into world war 3 with a series of events.

It gets really frightening when you add into the mix that he predicted this ‘illuminati leader’ would attack Syria after a chemical attack. He also added that Russia, China and North Korea would also be engaged in conflict. 

A few days ago Horacio had a dream where balls of fire were falling from the sky and striking earth. He believes this dream symbolises the impending nuclear war. 

The start of the war will start on the 100th anniversary of the visitation of Our Lady Fatima – the Virgin Mary, which is he 13th of May. This was the day the Catholic church claimed she showed herself to a village in Portugal. She warned if the country wasn’t converted to the faith, the country would reap havoc on the world. 

She visited the village 6 times in total with the last time being on October 13th. Horacio believes that this date is the end date of the war. 

Let’s hope he has got it all wrong!! 

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