The 5 weirdest drinks in the world!

Baby Mice Wine

China is famous for its interesting taste in food and other delicacies, and this drink doesn’t disappoint. It’s exactly what is says in the title, wine infused with baby mice. Apparently it has to be baby mice as adult mice have fur and this ruins the drink.

Seagull Wine

This refreshing beverage is made by putting a Seagull in a bottle filled with water and letting it ferment in the sun. It’s drank by the Inuit and can be found in parts of Iceland. Fermented feathers and beak……. 

Ttongsul  (Faeces Wine)

South Korea have made a solid claim at having the weirdest drink in the world with this one. Ttongsul is made from fermenting a young child’s faeces for several months. It has to be a young child’s otherwise it wouldn’t be pure enough!! 

Lizard Wine

Want to ward off evil spirits and improve your eyesight? China have the answer. Lizard wine is prepared by adding ginseng and Gecko into a clay vat full of rice wine for a year.

Apple-flavoured Horse Semen Shots.

The Green Man pub in Wellington, New Zealand came up with this drink after the owner became bored of just serving alcohol. The craziest part is its actually a massive hit with the customers, who have named it “Hoihoi Tatea.” 

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